Boucle Mohair Knitting Yarn

Boucle Mohair Knitting Yarn

A skein

One skein of our hand dyed mohair knitting yarn weighs 100gms or 3.5ozs and contains approximately 200-220 meters or 218 to 240 yards.  Just one skein can make you a long scarf, a one hank poncho or a triangle wrap that opens into a wonderfully light multipurpose garment.  Because of the natural texture of the yarn all you need to do is knit in plain old garter stitch.  Check out our free patterns for more ideas.

A ball

One ball of our hand dyed boucle mohair knitting yarn is the same as 3 skeins or 300 gms.  It contains over 600 methers We make these balls specifically for our larger garments such as our papillon jacket, even sleeveless coat, knitted cape lacy mohair throw.  A free pattern is included in your yarn purchase.  Let us know which one you would like.

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