Do you have other colours?

We have many more colours available than are shown on our site.  We are also happy to have a go at reproducing a colour of your choice.  Just ask us via phone or email.

Yes I am happy for you to sell items you have made yourself but do not sell the pattern - its free!

Can I sell items I've made from your patterns?

Yes you can, but keep in mind the type of yarn you use will change the look and feel of the garment.  It will often require more yarn as well.


Can I use other yarn to make your patterns?

Email us or phone 61 3 0409 511 662 or (03) 5251 1677


How do I contact you with a question?

We don't have our own shop anymore, but you can purchase our yarn from some retail outlets.

Do you have a retail store I can come to?

Each hank or skein is 100gms or 3.5 ozs in weight and contains approximately 200 to 220 meters in length or 218 to 240 yards.

How may meters or yards are in 100gms of your yarn?




Yes we do.  Email us or phone 61 3 0409 511 662 if you would like to wholesale our yarn.  We will supply printed patterns with the yarn and some sample garments. 

Do you sell wholesale?

78% Mohair, 13% Wool & 9% Nylon.  The nylom acts as a binder yarn holding the thread together and giving it strenght.

What fibers are in the yarn?



As with most hand knits - hand wash only in warm water using wool mix.  Avoid sudden temperature changes in the water so if it goes cold, rinse in cold water.  If its still warm, rinse in the same temperature water.

Yes I will.  Pick a colour and a pattern and contact us for a quote.  We also have a range of pre made garments, hats and wraps to choose from.  If you order a garment and either it doesn't suit you, or is not what is expected, you can return it for exchange or refund.

Will you make a garment for me?



How do I wash it?