Free Patterns

Simple Triangle



This pattern is so simple its almost not a pattern and takes about 4hours to knit.  Using a boucle mohair 12ply (chunky) yarn with plain garter stitch (no purl) and large needles creates a lovely lacy look.  There are also lots of ways to wear your triangle. Have a look at our youtube video for some ideas

One Hank Poncho



This is actually a pattern designed by my husband Trevor. Taught him to knit one week and he came up with this pattern the following week!  Knitted on large needles all in one piece.  Takes about 4 hours to make.

Jule's Fulled Hat



This is a simple crochet pattern to make a "fulled" hat.  Fulling is when you first make a garment out of wool and then shrink it.


Using two strands of yarn and double crochet you make a hat that is far too large for your head.  You then shrink it in the washing machine to make it fit. Not suitable for front loading washing machines.


Simple Mobius



An easy way to make a Mobius using 12ply boucle mohair yarn. 100gms of yarn is 200 meters and because its boucle – just use garter stitch, no purl. This pattern involves knitting a shaped strip to give a slight V at the back when worn. You then sew it together to make a Mobius.

Large Poncho



This garment is made using two different sized needles, one of each which makes an odd pair but a lovely lacy texture. It is done in plain garter stich – just plain knit with no purl and no sewing up as it’s knitted all in one piece from front to back.

French Cape



This garment is made using two different sized needles (making an odd pair) and using plain garter stitch - just knit, no purl!. You can make it in two different sizes.

Gauge is not important.

Two Throws
Sari Silk Scarf / Wrap




Includes two throw patterns, Simple Throw as well as Simple pattern of knit two together yarn over using 12mm needles that creates a light but warm throw. Make it out of hand dyed yarn to get beautiful colour effects.

Gauge does not matter with this pattern. Good for beginners who want to try lace.



This pattern uses a simple lace stitch to give a stretch to your scarf.  This means that you can wear it as a normal long scarf, or shake it out and wear it as a wrap or decorative poncho.  The beautiful colours in this yarn really give a stunning look.


Make sure you knit another yarn with the sari silk.  Something fine but with strength, otherwise it will eventually break at the shoulder due to the weight of the sari silk.