This jumper is knitted all in one piece from one sleeve across to the other. Just plain knit, no purl!  Watch the hand dyed colours swirl...

3 Hank Jumper

  • Sizes are small and Medium ( ) Materials Size 9mm knitting needles,6mm crochet hook 300gms hand dyed 12ply boucle mohair Abbreviations sts. = stitches; K = knit; st. = stich; Increase by knitting into the front of the stitch and then the back. Pattern IMPORTANT - If you do not blend your hanks of yarn, you may get sudden changes of colour. If you are using one of our 300gm balls, this is not a problem. Otherwise, wind hanks of yarn into balls. Knit two rows from one ball, and two from another ball to blend. Cast on 26(28) sts. Knit 34 rows Increase each end of next row and following 4th (6th) row until you have 38 (40) sts Cast on 40 (42) sts at beginning of next 2 rows - 118 (124) sts. Knit 16 (18) rows. Start Back: Knit 59 (62) sts. and turn. Continue on these 59 (62)sts, putting remaining sts on stich holder. Knit 36 (38) rows Start Front: Break yarn and join to other sts. Knit 36(38) rows. Knit across all sts. Knit 16 (18) rows Cast off 40 (42)sts. at beginning of next 2 rows Decrease each end of next row and again in following 4th (6th) row until you have 26 (28)sts Knit 34 rows. Cast off. Making Up: Fold your work at the neck. Pin sleeves and sides then sew up using a crochet hook, weaving the yarn through the two edges. Do a row of double crochet around the neckline. You can also close up the neckline a bit if too wide.
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