This jumper is crochet in on piece (no sewing up) from the neck down.  You can try it on as you go to make sure it fits.  

Crochet Jumper All in One Piece - Free Pattern

  • Materials Size 6mm crochet hook Size Small (80-90cm) : Medium (90-100cm) 600gms boucle mohair Abbreviations ch=chain st.= Stitch sts.=Stitches Dc= double crochet - UK version, or single crochet US version - insert hook into stitch, pull through loop, wrap yarn around and pull through both loops on hook. The hook is inserted in the gaps between the dc's. (Note: 2dc into next st. is increasing. Skip 1dc is decreasing.) Notes • You do not create a new "row". Just work around in a circle. • Use a marker such as a piece of coloured wool tied to your work so you know where your row begins and ends. • Each dc actually goes in between stitches and does not go into the loops created by the dc. • You do not have to be exact, as you can't see mistakes anyway! Pattern 67{70} chain 1st row: 1 dc into each chain. Join work with slip stich, being careful not to twist. Place a marker to mark beginning and end of row. 2nd row: 1 dc into each dc Complete another 6 rows as 2nd row. 9th row: 1dc, 2 dc into next stitch. Repeat till last 2 sts. 1 dc into each remaining st. (100{105} sts.). Crochet 12 plain rows. 22nd row: �1 dc, 2 dc into next stitch. Repeat till end of row {ending with 1dc for larger size} (150{157} sts.). Crochet 6 plain rows. 29th Row: � *2dc, 2 dc into next stitch, 3dc, 2 dc into next stitch. Repeat from * till end of row. (189{202}sts.) Crochet 6 plain rows. 36th Row: - *2dc, 2 dc into next stitch, 5dc, 2 dc into next stitch. Repeat from * till last 2 dc. 1dc into each dc. Crochet 2 plain rows, increasing by 1st. at end of last row. (231{242} sts.). Crochet 2 plain rows (or more if you want the yoke longer), increasing 1 sts at end of last row for smaller size. (232{242}sts.) Mark beginning of next row. Sleeves The next 52{53} sts. make a sleeve. Crochet 52{53} dc. Bring hook around to marker and join with a slip st. Crochet 1{3} row(s) (Do not crochet into slip st.) Decrease by skipping a st twice at random around