Fulling is when you make an item to big for you then shrink it in the washing machine.  Have fun with this hat, put keep an eye on it otherwise you might have to find a doll to put it on!

Julies Fulled Hat - Free Pattern

  • Materials Size 6mm (J in US) or 6.5mm (K in US) crochet hook Approx. 100 gms 100% wool yarn 8 ply and 100gms 12ply mohair (not acrylic) or 200gms of woollen yarn only. Make sure wool yarn is 100% wool and not machine washable or Wool Wash; as it will not shrink. Abbreviations Dc= double crochet (note in the US this is single crochet) Note: You do not create a new "row". Just work around in a circle and look for the last time you increased in the previous row to signify the start of the next. You do not have to be exact - after all you are going to do horrible things to it in the washing machine & you will not be able to see individual stitches. Pattern Row 1. 4 chain and join with slip stich Row 2. 8 dc into centre of the circle Row 3. Crochet 2 dc into each dc of previous row Row 4. Crochet 1 dc into each dc of previous row Repeat rows 3 & 4 once more. Row 7. (1dc, 2dc into next stich) - repeat till end of row (ie. Increasing in every second stitch) Row 8. Crochet 1 dc into each dc of previous row Row 9. Increase in every 5th stitch - ie 1dc 4 times then 2dc in next stich. Row 10. Crochet 1 dc into each dc of previous row Measure across width of circle. Should be approx. 16cm wide, give or take a bit. This is dependent on the type of yarn you are using and your tension. If not 16cm increase by a few more stitches in next row. Does not have to be exactly even. Once width is reached, continue with plain dc until you have a cap that is about 1-2cm below your ear lobe. Creating Brim Row 1. Increase in every 5th stitch - ie. 1dc 4 times then 2dc into next stich. Row 2. Crochet 1 dc into each dc Repeat row 1 Repeat row 2 twice. . To finish *1dc, skip one, 1dc into next two sts, skip one. Rept from * until end and fasten off. Crochet this last row tightly as it pulls in the brim. Fulling Place in washing machine and add hot water with a bit of soap. Place on wash cycle until it shrinks to desired size. Save water by not letting it empty!