A very simple knit on large needles which splits at the top to improve drape.  You can wrap yourself up in it in many ways.

Kimono Cape

  • Materials 4 x 100gm hanks 12ply boucle mohair 1 pair 12mm needles Pattern Cast on 98 sts Knit till work measures 69cm or length desired from shoulder to top of thigh. Knit 47 sts. Cast off 4sts. Continue on these 47 sts until work measures 75cm. Cast off. Return to remaining 47st and knit until work measures 75cm. Cast off. Lay flat and fold in half at shoulders with bottom back and bottom front meeting. For both sides: Measure 30cm down from top of shoulder fold and hand sew together, with left over yarn, a 20cm length seam in towards the middle. Darn in ends.