Lovely lacy light, soft and warm with enough length to warp around your neck a few times. This scarf is made using one skein of yarn and knitted in two stages. First you knit a long narrow strip and then you use the strip as your yarn and knit that.

Lace Curly Scarf

  • Materials 100gms Colored Jules Hand Dyed Mohair (12ply) 1 pair 15mm knitting needles,1 pair 10mm knitting needles Pattern Make the strip: Using 15mm needles, cast on 3 stitches (sts.) Knit these 3sts until you only have enough yarn to cast off. Wind the long knitted strip into a ball making sure not to twist it. You will now be using the long strip as your yarn. Make the Scarf: With the 10mm needles and using the long edge of your strip, pick up 5sts by poking your needles through the holes along the edge of the strip. Try and poke through holes a similar and comfortable distance apart. You now knit these 5sts using the edge of the strip as your yarn. Just poke through the holes on the edge of the strip in a regular, comfortable manner. Turn work and continue to knit using the holes in the strip to poke your needles through. Keep knitting until you only have enough of the strip left to cast off with. Darn in ends.