Knit two together and yarn over simple with 300gms of boucle mohair and a large pair of needles.

Lacy Mohair Throw Free Pattern

  • Materials Size 12mm knitting needles 300 gm hand dyed 12ply boucle mohair Pattern IMPORTANT - If you do not blend your hanks of yarn, you may get sudden changes of colour. If you are using one of our 300gm balls, this is not a problem. Otherwise, wind hanks of yarn into balls. Knit two rows from one ball, and two from another ball to blend. Cast 75sts. Knit 2tog. yarn over until last stitch. Knit last stitch. Repeat this row until you only have enough yarn to cast off or until you have reached desired length. Hint: You know if you have made a mistake if you get to the end of the row and you don't have one stitch left to knit!