Another very simple pattern, but note it is only one hank if you use our yarn which has 200 meters per 100gms.  Otherwise you will need more than one!

One Hank Poncho Free Pattern

  • Materials 15mm needles - 19US. The bigger the needle the bigger and more open weave the poncho. 100gms (200 meters or 218 yards) skein of 12ply Colored Jules Boucle Mohair Tension Knit as loosely as you can. The looser you knit, the larger the poncho. NOTE: If you use a different yarn, your garment will come out differently to the one in the pattern. If using another yarn, go via the meterage or yardage and not the weight of the skein. Our boucle mohair knits up as a chuncky yarn, but is very light weight. Other chuncky yarns tend to be heavy, with less length per 100gm skein. Pattern Cast on 3 stitches. Increase at beginning and end of each row by knitting into the front and the back of the first and last stitch until you have 35 stitches. Increase only each end of every second row until you have 59 sts. Knit 22 sts, cast off 15sts, knit 22 sts. Knit 22 sts, turn work, cast on 15sts and turn work again. Knit across remaining sts. Decrease each end of next row and every alternative row until you have 35 sts. (Decrease by knitting 2sts together). Decrease at each end of each row until you have 3sts left. Cast off. To make up: Crochet a row of double crochet using 6mm hook around the neck to make sure it stays firm or blanket stitch neck. Your poncho is now complete.