Small Sari Silk Bag

This little bag is knitted in garter stitch with the strap made using a crochet hook and chain stitch. You can increase the size of the bag by starting with more stitches but you may need more yarn.

Keep in mind that every hank of sari silk (also called Himalayan or recycled silk) is unique as it is hand spun. The hank I used for this was quite thick.

Sari Silk Bag

  • Materials Size 6mm needles, Size 6 or 6.5 mm crochet hook 100gms sari silk Size: Approx. 14cm. x 11cm. Tension: Mine was 14st. & 14 rows over 10cm., but this will differ with the individual hank of yarn you use. Pattern Cast on 15sts (or more if you want to make it larger, but remember you will need more yarn. Using garter sts. (plain knitting with no purl): Knit one row. Increase in 1st st, knit till end of row & increase in last st. Repeat last 2 rows once – 19sts. Continue knitting until work measures 13cm from beginning Decrease 1st at each end of next row. Knit one row. Repeat last 2 rows once – 15sts. Cast off. Fold knitting in half and sew up sides. To make up strap, use two strands of sari silk and a 6mm hook. Attach yarn to bag at side. Crochet in chain stitch until strap is desired length. Attach end of strap to bag. Darn in ends and turn right side out and poke out corners.