This sari silk pattern uses a simple lace stitch to give a stretch to your scarf. This means that you can wear it as a normal long scarf, or shake it out and wear it as a wrap or decorative poncho. The beautiful colours in this yarn really give a stunning look.

Sari Silk Scarf/Wrap

  • Materials Size 15mm knitting needles 160 to 200gms sari silk. Pattern If less than 180gms of yarn, cast on 29 stitches. If more, cast on 31 stitches. *Knit two stitches together, bring yarn around needles (as if you were going to purl the next stitch). Repeat from * till last stitch. Knit last stitch. Continue this pattern until you only have enough yarn to cast off. Hint: If you find you have two stitches left at the end of the row, you have made a mistake! How to Wear It 1. To wear as a twisted wrap lay flat on the ground and pick up Top left and bottom right corners. Place around your shoulders and use the corners you have picked up to tie a knot in the front or use a brooch to fasten. 2. To wear as a poncho or wrap, tie or pin at shoulder or front with top two corners