Twitter for Knitters

I have discovered how useful twitter is in my job as a librarian. It makes keeping my clients up to date in a large variety of areas so much easier. I “Follow” a variety of organizations and well known people in their field and then pass any useful info onto my own clients.

Initially I thought it would be a waste of time… who needs endless tweeting? Well it is amazing what resources are available. You just need to carefully select who you “Follow”. Remember you can un follow at any time. Also you don’t have to check your twitter account every day, just now and then.

So how does it work?

Twitter is free and easy to join. It can link to patterns, how to videos or pics of other peoples completed projects or designs. It’s a bit like Ravelry set on super speed view mode – and yes you can “Follow” Ravelry.

To join Go to

Once you have joined twitter, try searching the following – just type in the search box exactly as shown. If you think you might like them, click the little Follow box.







The @ symbol in front of words indicates someone to follow.

The # symbol in front of words indicates a theme or an easy way to find posts on that topic eg:

#knitting or #knit will find posts on knitting. If you just type in knitting you get all sorts of things including:

“God is knitting it all together” and Knitting the Paris underground together … well you get the idea.

Once you are viewing “tweets” you can click on links which look like this: They can lead you to all sorts of amazing places. You will also see more # phrases such as #yarn which you can also click on or search later.

The real beauty is that next time you log onto twitter all the new posts from those you have followed will be displayed. You just quickly scan through them. It’s like visiting all your favorite websites all at once.

Talking about favorite websites, when you are in a website or blog and see the twitter symbol, click on it to go to their twitter feed. If you choose to follow them, you will automatically know when they have new info.